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Lance Barry Paine

New Zealander / British +44 78 898 100 50


A highly competent senior software developer with 15+ years commercial experience in engineering business information systems and software products. I have worked on a wide range of products: distributed, multi-threaded, client-server, cross-platform, using multiple languages (primarily, but by no means exclusively in C#, Java, Scala, Groovy, Python, C++, and Perl), on UNIX, Linux and Windows. Fully accomplished in the development life cycle, I am an adept communicator, able to express myself clearly and concisely, without the need to resort to jargon. I have held an active personal interest in computing and software development for more than 30 years. As a high-level graduate of The University of Waikato’s Computer Science Department, I earned a place in the Scholarship extension program.

Having seen the benefits of applying it over my career, I’m a firm believer in the value of agile practices in most software delivery. I love the continuous process improvement of Kanban, continuous deployment, pairing, and the pragmatic application of TDD and BDD, coupled with the practices of Continuous Delivery, or ideally with DevOps.

History summary

Over the years I have:


Tech Total Usage Level* Last major usage
Scala 3 years good present
Python 10 years good 2016
C# 6+ years expert 2013
C++ 7+ years expert 2010
Javascript 3+ years ok 2016
Kafka 2 years good 2015
Angular.js 6 months good present
Spark 6 months ok present
Spark Streaming 1 months ok 2015
Hive 4 months good 2016
Drill 4 months good 2016

*About Level

I’m considering these as levels. I suspect from years of interviewing candidates that even my ‘ok’ puts me in the top 5%, but Dunning-Kruger kicks in and I discount myself.

productive, may not know ‘gotchas’
very productive, know ‘gotchas’. Is some-one people in the team come to for advice / trouble shooting.
very productive, knows gotchas, can probably write libraries for other users, is certainly laying down patterns and best-practices.
library writer
so excellent I’m writing libraries for other developers, and they love them
language designer
Just call me Martin Odersky, or Bjarne Stroustrup.

Employment History

L B Paine Ltd

London, England

June 2013 – Present


I founded L B Paine Ltd Consulting Services in 2013 to share my experience and skills with a wider audience.


Virtual Clarity / Data Science Team: Oct 2015–Feb 2016

Bank of America Merrill Lynch: Sept 2013–Oct 2015

Languages/Tech: Scala, Kafka, Python, WPF, Angular.js, JavaScript and Coffeescript, D3.js, Mithril.js and HTML.


London, England

Nov 2010–June 2013

UBS are a world-renowned Swiss Investment Bank and Wealth Management firm.

Senior Developer — Cash Equities — Core Data Services

Dec 2012–June 2013

Senior developer on global team (CDS) that provides static data mastering and distribution services to order management streams

Senior Developer — Trading Guis (Cash Equities) Nov 2010–Dec 2012

Senior Developer with 2 other Senior Developers in London, 1 Junior in London, 5 off-shore in Poland, and 3 developers in USA.

GETCO (now KCG Ltd)

London, England Sept 2009–Aug 2010

Senior Developer

GETCO were one of the world’s leading High Frequency Trading and Market Making Firms with offices in four cities across 3 countries.

I worked with .Net 3.5 and 4.0, with and WPF, Sql Server, Vertica (columnar database) and Python

TFG Fund Services

London, England Sept 2008–Aug 2009

Senior Developer

TFG Fund Services provides trade lifecycle management software and professional services to Hedge Funds. TFG’s trade flow platform is a distributed system with servers primarily written in C++ with C#, WinForms and for the presentation layers.

DX3 Technologies Ltd

London, England Jan 2008–Sept 2008

Head of Technology

DX3 Technologies is a digital media services company, providing a digital media delivery service to PC and Mobile, with deployments in the UK and ZA serving clients across Europe and Africa. The platform was .Net 3.5, with a SQL Server 2005 hosted on Windows Server 2003, and many components exposed via SOA web-services. The web front end uses Apache and PHP 5.

Gloucester Research - Data Services Group

London, England Nov 2005 – Sept 2007

Senior Developer

Gloucester Research provides trading research and software systems to statistical arbitrage hedge funds. I was a member of a team of four providing data-feed analysis and database support to several other groups. My role required that I liaise with researchers, analysts, data suppliers, and systems teams.

International Information Systems

Auckland, New Zealand Aug 2005

Contract Software Development

IIS provide customer purchase analysis services to a multitude of New Zealand and Australian retailers.

Advanced Management Systems Ltd

Auckland, New Zealand Jun 2002 – Aug 2005

Technical Software Developer

Advanced Management Systems is New Zealand’s leading provider of payroll software to Health, Education and Government and employs 30 people.

Grasshopper Software

Hamilton, New Zealand Jun 2002

Contract development on image correction program “ImageAlign”

ImageAlign was a Photoshop plug-in and standalone app written in C++ with MFC and Win32 that corrected lens distortion


Hamilton, New Zealand Feb 2001 – Jun 2002

Lead Software Engineer

I led a team of 3 developers to build the platform and GUI. RadioPie was a startup online radio station for independent artists. The concept involved a proprietary music player that was able to download music from a central server according to user preferences for genres and individual tracks.

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor Computing and Mathematical Sciences (Software Engineering/Machine Learning - Four Year Degree) from The University of Waikato (98–02)

Bursary - A (English, Economics, Accounting, Physics, Math with Statistics)


IT Skills

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