My new series: coding, refactoring, and TDD as the application of the scientific method

Over the last several years, a large part of my role has been mentoring more junior developers. They have frequently encouraged me to blog about my approaches, and I’ve finally decided to give into the pressure.

So, I’ll be starting a series of posts about the sorts of code-smells, and organisational-smells I’ve seen in the wild, the approaches I might take to fix them, and why I’d use those approaches. I expect that largely it will be an effort for me to crystallize my thinking, and also prove a useful resource when I’m next teaching a concept - I won’t have to jump to a whiteboard, I’ll just be able to point to something here.

Almost everything you’ll read here owes a huge debt of gratitude to the Master Craftsmen:

I’m in no way suggesting you should only buy these from Amazon, but they’re a very convenient source.

Development Musings

Lance Paine 24 February 2016
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